Author Topic: Read this topic if you experience Ping/FPS/Network Trouble/Packet Loss issues  (Read 30 times)


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As the title says, if you have a an issue regarding your Ping or FPS, etc. This topic contains almost all information about these problems resolving so try these solutions. If none helped, then make a new topic also mention that you have tried what we recommended you here.

How to get better PING.

1. Try checking speed and ping from If ping is high, as compared to yours country mates playing game, contact your ISP, tell them to reset your modem and then make new settings, this way, most of rubbish will be cleaned from network connection (unless it isn't some physical issue like abnormal wire connection).
2. Try restarting your router and close other programs opened in background.
3. Give your MTA SA the access threw your firewall, Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall then press on " Allow a program or a feature through windows firewall " just like in the picture.Then scroll searching for gta sa or press " g " so you can search faster then tick it just like in the picture.
4. Try running your MTA as an administrator by right clicking on MTA icon > Properties > Compatibility and ticking " Run this program as an administrator " just like in the picture.
5. Decrease your graphics quality at Esc > Settings > Video.
6. Make sure you have updated your MTA, Press Esc > Settings > Advanced > Click on "Check for update now"
7. Bring your modem closer to your PC.
8. Use anti-malware programs, also use Cleaner to clean your PC.
9. Set a Password to your wireless network may someone hijack you wifi ( Connected to your network and downloading )
10. If there is a user  from your family connected to your wireless network tell him to stop downloading , opening streaming website , Also Updating programs cause whenever they use your connection for downloading etc... the debit coming to your PC will be useless , low so that will be automatically losing packets and your ping will be high.
11. Check for any other hidden programs using the network and terminate it. (Alt + Ctrl + Delete > Task Manager)

12. Try closing antivirus while playing.
13. Restart your router setting.

If you tried what is stated above didn't worked then you should try these which is stated below.

Some videos to lower/reduce you Ping.
Spoiler (hover to show)

Some guides and solutions.
Spoiler (hover to show)

If you know how to reduce/lower ping then post it here or PM it to me and i'll update the topic.

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