Author Topic: MTA CRASHING? Read here first!  (Read 32 times)


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MTA CRASHING? Read here first!
« on: June 11, 2016, 05:06:49 pm »
If your MTA crashes on startup or during game load, download and run MTADiag and follow the instructions. If MTADiag will not run for you, install Visual C++ 2012 runtimes (download and install vcredist_x86.exe)

Post any Pastebin URL MTADiag gives you.

If for some reason MTADiag does not function, do the following before creating a new topic:

If installing those does not fix the problem, try:
Delete the gta_sa.set file located in the GTA San Andreas User Files in your Documents folder/library (Windows Vista and 7 users) or My Documents directory (Windows XP users)
Check in your GTA San Andreas installation directory for a D3D9.dll. If one is present, delete it.

If all of the above fail to fix your problem, please start a new topic and include a dxdiag log by doing the following:
  • 1. Press the Windows key + R
  • 2. Type dxdiag and press Enter; if a dialog box pops up asking you to check for WHQL digital signatures, click Yes
  • 3. Click Save all information...
  • 4. Include the contents of the saved log in your topic within "code" tags

Also include any error messages that may appear when your MTA:SA crashes; either copy and paste of the crash log or a screenshot is fine.

Thank You
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